Membership in the Companions of St. Luke – OSB


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Vowed Life

Vowed members of The Companions of St. Luke – OSB are people of God who are on a spiritual journey, who desire a richer and deeper prayer life, and are seeking wholeness and reconciliation for themselves and for humanity whom God has called to them to love. They are people whose response to God’s call to vowed life is a reflection and reaffirmation of their Baptismal vows to Christ.

The Companions of St. Luke – OSB admits men and women to Candidacy for Vowed Life who wish to explore their call to a closer relationship with Christ. They desire to do this by sharing their life with this community and by living within the context of the Benedictine Rule and Vows and our Customary. The basic requirements are:

•    Be an active member of an Episcopal church or a church in communion with the See of Canterbury.
•    Be 21 years of age or older.
•    Not be under vows in another religious order or community.
•    Completes an application packet for vowed membership. We send out applications for Vowed Life between September 1 and February 1 each year.

Note: After acceptance as a candidate for Postulancy, a background check is required.

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The vocation of Oblation, from the beginning of Benedictine life, has been an important expression of Religious life. It is the belief of the Companions of St. Luke that Oblation is an authentic vocation as important as vowed life as defined by its own tradition and history. Oblates make promises that link them in a fundamental way to the Community. Oblates promise to anchor their lives in prayer and to live their life within the framework of St. Benedict’s vows of: obedience, conversion of life and stability. It is the belief of the Companions of St. Luke that Oblates are uniquely authentic, having their own intensity, and are fully valued members of the Community.

The Companions of St. Luke, OSB welcome any Baptized Christian who is a member in good standing within their church community as candidates for Novice-Oblation. To be considered for candidacy for Novice-Oblation a person must:

•    Be an active member of a Christian church or community.
•    Be 21 years of age or older.
•    Complete an initial interview by telephone with the Administrative Dean, with regular follow up conversations with the Formation Master for Oblation.
•    Completes an application for membership into CSL as an Oblate. We send out applications for Novice Oblation between September 1 and February 1 each year. Completed applications must be returned by March 1.

Note: After acceptance as a candidate for Novice-Oblation, a background check is required.

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For our International Friends

Although we are a North American community, we welcome people from all over the world to join us as Vowed and Oblate members.  There are practical issues that each international Christian needs to understand and consider as part of their discernment process.

•    For Vowed Life you must be a member of a church that is part of the Anglican Communion.  For Oblation you can be a member of any Christian Community.  This is explained in detail elsewhere in this Membership section of the website.
•    We are a small community of about 40 people, so we do not have provinces in other countries. As a dispersed community our convocations are important aspects of our community that allow us to pray, learn, and establish and expand personal relationships.  Therefore, you will need to come to the United States at least once a year in the spring to be welcomed into community and to move along your Benedictine path to Christ as your formation progresses.
•    You need to be able to read and write English.  All of our study materials and readings are only available in English.  Also, your regular reporting to your formation master has to be in English.