Membership as an Oblate and Oblate Formation

“Do not grant newcomers to the monastic life an
easy entry, but as the Apostle says Test the spirits to
see if they are from God. (1 John 4:1).”
RB 58: 1-2

When the aspirant’s application is accepted, (s)he is welcomed as a Novice Oblate at Spring convocation. The formation for a Novice Oblate is designed to assist the member in his/her continued discernment as an Oblate of the Companions of St. Luke. The one-year period is divided into four quarters. Topics of study include Baptism, The Benedictine Handbook, Benedictine Solemn and Lectio Divina. In addition, study of the Rule, of the Customary and Constitution, and development of a daily prayer routine are incorporated. The year is highly structured with monthly reports and assigned books or other readings upon which to read and reflect. At the conclusion of the initial formation period, the Novice Oblate may petition for Full Oblation. If accepted, the Novice Oblate will make the Benedictine promises of Obedience, Stability and Conversion of Life before the community during a Mass at Spring convocation.

Formation for Oblates is considered to be perpetual and continuous. After reception of Full Oblation, the Oblate continues with a formation program that includes quarterly reporting for the first year and twice-yearly reporting thereafter. Topics of study are self-selected in consultation with the Oblate Formation Master.

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